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Stefanie is an Emmy award winning motion designer for NBC Sports Network. After finishing the computer animation program at Full Sail University she then got her B.A. in graphic design at Sacred Heart University. Out of school, she cut her teeth at the gone but not forgotten, Outdoor Life Network. Those humble beginnings gave rise to her career at NBC where she is currently a Senior Designer. In the last couple years she has led the charge on some of NBCUniversal’s most prestigious properties, working most recently as the lead designer for the Tokyo Olympics, the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2019 Women’s World Cup. In this time she has led creative photo and video shoots of athletes as well. Her portfolio of work includes such properties as Notre Dame Football, NASCAR, and Premiere League to name a few. Stefanie is a great visual storyteller, her unique interpretation of motion and flow has propelled her to be one of the industry leaders in broadcast design and animation.

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